Bryce Morrison writes: ‘I first heard David play the Busoni Elegies at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall. I also heard his earlier recording of the Liszt Sonata. These performances, as cogent as they were lucid and powerful, have long stayed in my memory, yet they are far excelled by Delphian’s present offering. Here, surely, is blazing confirmation of what Sir Michael Tippett once called “the immense effort of interpretation”, by means of a rare communicative vividness and force. In a time of increasing musical homogeneity David Wilde’s Liszt and Busoni stand out for their very special drama and integrity.’


‘Wilde’s love of this music is transparent … he throws caution to the wind’ — BBC Music Magazine

‘Wilde lives up to his name in Liszt’s B minor Sonata — a blustery opening blows away the heavy-browed Busoni with reckless bravado, before settling into a performance heaving with free-flowing passion, power and zeal’
— The Scotsman

Track Listing

Busoni: Elegies –
Nach der Wendung. Recueillement
All’Italia. In modo napoletano
Meine Seele bangt und hofft zu dir. Choralvorspiel
Turandots Frauengemach. Intermezzo
Die Nächtlichen. Walzer
Erscheinung. Notturno

Berceuse (‘Elegie No 7’)
Liszt: Sonata in B minor