‘Love’. Song for Baritone and Solo ‘Cello 1 1981
“Jens, Heidi, and the Snow Princess”, Dream/Fairy Tale for Narrator, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola,’Cello, Piano, Celesta, 1 Perc 2 1984
“Siren Song” Vocalise for Mezzo-Soprano and Guitar. 3 1986
Liederkreis “Die Jahreszeiten”;”The Seasons”; for Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone and Piano. Words by Hölderlin 4 1987
Sonata “Mandala” for Solo Viola 5 1987
‘Für Saskia’ – short piano piece. 6 1987
3 Settings of poems by W.B.Yeats for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano:

  1. ‘To his heart, bidding it have no fear.’
  2. ‘When you are old and grey.’
  3. ‘He wishes for the cloths of Heaven’
7 1987/rev 1995
‘He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven’ transposition of the for high voice 7a 1987/rev 2000
Trio for Violin, ‘Cello, and Piano 8 1988/rev 2004
“Music” for a capella choir, SATB, [8 parts] with Solo Tenor. Setting of the poem by Walter de la Mare. 9 1990
SONG ‘Fear no More’, middle voice, unaccompanied. Words from Shakespeare’s ‘Cymbeline’. 10 1990
String Quartet No.1 11 1992/rev 2004
“The ‘Cellist of Sarajevo”; a Lament in Rondo form for solo ‘cello. Dedicated to Vedran Smailovic and to the suffering people of Bosnia-Herzegovina. 12 1992
Suite, ‘Bosnia-Herzegowina’ for Violin and Piano. 13 1994
A version of the above for ‘cello and piano 13a 1994
A further version for piano Trio, in which the last movement [‘The ‘Cellist of Sarajevo’] is played on the ‘cello, with a modulatory link 13b 1994
SONGS. Poem by Abdullah Sidran, in German. 14 1995
‘Terra Desolata’ Poem by Jane Wilde, in English 15 1997
‘LONDON UNDER SIEGE’ Opera in three acts. (Based on events in Sarajevo during the siege of 1994). 16 1994/8
‘ANNE IN MOSTAR’, for 2 Speakers, Children’s Choir & Chamber Ensemble. (Written for the Exhibition in Mostar by Anne Frank House of Amsterdam) 17 1998
Excerpts from the LONDON UNDER SEIGE. INSTRUMENTAL INTRODUCTION TO ACT II, leading to the opening aria, SARA’S LAMENT’ with a link [optional] to the GOSPEL SONG at the end of Act II. Arranged for chamber ensemble. 18 2000
Nocturne and Variations on an Istrian Song, for flute, clarinet, horn, piano, violin, viola, ‘cello, cb 19 2001
Fantasy for Solo Viola and String Orchestra on Lawrence Glover’s Motet “The Lamentation”. 20a Rev 2004
Fantasy for Solo Viola, String Orchestra and choir on Lawrence Glover’s Motet “The Lamentation”. 20b 2004